Liz Wiltzen

Conversations With Consciousness


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For about 20 years I’ve had an on again/off again relationship with Morning Pages, a stream of consciousness approach to daily journalling.

The practice is to put the pen on the page and let whatever is in your head stream out unedited for 15-20 minutes, or about 3 pages worth.

Once I got past controlling the shit out of what was showing up—by buying increasingly crappy notebooks to disarm my attachment to this exercise as “real writing”—it became a fascinating process in which, occasionally, some insight or gem of wisdom emerged.

Then the practice became super-charged.

In 2017, while taking a writing course from Martha Beck and Liz Gilbert, they both suggested actually asking for help when journalling. Martha wrote an entire book with the words “I need your help” written at the top of each page, and Liz invites ‘love’ to converse with her.

Following Liz’s suggestion, I sat down one morning and wrote, “Hi, are you there?”

Immediately, the answer came back. “Yes. How can I help?” Which, frankly, kinda freaked me out.

It’s answered every time, ever since. Despite battling my ego’s opinion about the ‘woo’ of it, and fielding my inner skeptic going batshit crazy, this has become one of the richest relationships of my life. 

It’s a curious connection with a wise, loving, humorous and supportive voice that is infinitely patient, non-judgmental, and just as curious as I am. Not only am I talking with Consciousness, interestingly, I also am Consciousness, expressed as human-with-pen-in-hand questioning, “Hey—what the hell’s actually going on here? And why?”

It’s full permission to bitch about challenges, and to stretch into the bigger questions that those challenges stir up. And it’s a dialogue that always delights, inspires and expands me.

I transcribe them here almost exactly as they show up on the page. They’re an awesome way to connect with the support that’s always available, and they’re one of my most direct go-to tools in my journey to track yes.

If you want to try it yourself, sit down with a pen and paper and bring your open, curious heart. If it’s anything like what happens over here—you’ll be endlessly surprised and entertained by what shows up on the page.

*Caution - side effects include wonder, awe, and unlimited access to a wise presence that has your back.