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Introductory Session



Welcome, so glad you made it this far…

Something’s calling you, why not find out what it is? If you’re here, you’re on track to a life you love.

Let’s book a one hour ‘fire-up-some-magic’ session, and get curious about you

I hold 3 objectives for our session:

  1. You’ll experience the immediate, uplifting impact that a coaching conversation has on your world.

  2. You will take away valuable new self-awareness that you can apply to create greater peace and happiness right now.

  3. Coaching is a focused partnership that’s geared to dramatically change your life, and it’s most effective when there is commitment and chemistry between us. Let’s see if it feels like a fit to work together.

Cost: $250, some courage, and determination to take charge of your joy.


You don't fall into a breathtaking life - you create it.


Here’s what it looks like:

  • Most of my clients prefer to meet by phone, or we can meet via Zoom video conference.

  • I’ll send you a few questions prior to our session that will get us up to speed with what’s true in your life now. It’ll take you about about 20-30 minutes to answer them.

  • During our session we’ll either explore your responses to the questionnaire, which always lead interesting places, or get curious about something that’s up for you in the moment. Your choice.

  • By the end of the hour you’ll have a clear sense of the power of a coaching relationship along with some new insights about yourself.

*Please note: I don’t offer free ‘sample’ sessions.

I’ve found that engaging in an hour of focused coaching is a much more effective way to explore what it’s like for us to work together.

Please feel free to look around the site. My blog and videos will give you a good sense of my approach, philosophy and style if you’d like to get a sense of that before we talk, and you can find info about structure and pricing here.


Lizzie’s fierce love and integrity helped me get free from a vice grip of fear and inaction. Working with her has led me back to my strong core, my compassion, my resilience, and my choice.

I have become my own rock.
— heather scheibal ~ Massage Therapist. wise-ass. Force for good.


Ready to check it out?

Phone: (403) 763-9035

If you’re emailing me, please include times of day/days of the week that work for you and I’ll get back to with some booking options.

I book sessions between 9am and 1pm, and 5-7pm Mountain Time, Monday through Sunday. Typically there is a minimum two week wait to get on my calendar. If you’re raring to go, let me know. I sometimes have a cancellation and can fit you in, so ask away—you might get lucky!

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Unfriend control and set your heart free.