Want More Time? Change How You See It


Hey, can we revisit the ‘time’ conversation?


Okay when I said I was concerned about the best way to spend my time, you said,

“You can’t spend time—it’s not a commodity.”

But if I put my focus and energy into something, it can’t go into something else at the same time. And I will die some day. So there will be no more time. For me. It will have ended.

Working backward from there - let’s say I have 50 years left on earth as Lizzie. Or five. Or three. Or a week.

How am I choosing to spend my time—

There you go again.

Ok, what I am doing with my time—

Same orientation.

Okay right now I am sitting in a chair writing in my journal, talking with you. I’m doing something with time that is here now, and will be gone when I’m done.

Where did it go?

Into the past. It was 8:30 and now it’s 9:15. 45 minutes. Gone.

What’s here now where it was?

9:16. More time.

It seems to just keep coming. No shortage.

But when I have 10 seconds left to live, there will be no more coming.

If you die at 9:20, what happens at 9:21?

I don’t know. I won’t be here to know. To participate. I will have used up my time.

Really? Still with that? Used up?

Yes! My time will be out.

First of all: You don’t have ownership of time. It’s constantly being given—you keep walking right into it. You didn’t gather it or do anything to create it.

It’s never not here—you’re just constantly experiencing it.

And you continue to scare yourself by choosing to experience it as a commodity that is finite, instead of a miracle in every single moment. Like: “Wow! More time just showed up!”

Want a clue?


Whenever you have a thought about time, change the word ‘time’ to ‘presence’ and see what changes.

Thank you.

Welcome. :-)

*Conversations With Consciousness: Want the backstory?


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