Claim Your Curious Nature: Keep the Focus on Now


I’m worried a bit about sharing our dialogue with the world.

I’m afraid it’ll wreck it. That a different part of me will show up in my conversations with you. That I’ll start to manipulate the words.

Why would you do that?

I don’t know, I might start focusing on what questions people would want me to ask. Or get confused if it’s you answering, or me, trying to sound clever or wise.

You already wonder that.

I do. But it doesn’t matter so much when it’s just you and me.

When I know I’m going to put something out in the world—before the words even land on the page—it’s different. I’m different. I get into my head, and start to lose connection with you.

There’s something that feels flatter. Tighter. Like before I was just curious and now…

I don’t even know how to frame it—it’s such an odd thing. Like now I’m asking in hope of getting a (good, solid, valuable) answer from you—instead of just asking because it’s what I’m curious about right now.

What is it to be curious AND unattached to the answer?

Oooh wait…just got a glimmer…

My curiosity is the thing that has me engage in a relationship with you. And the relationship is what’s meaningful—it matters more than the answer.

I’m with you there.

Ok that was helpful, thank you. Hmmm, there’s still something more here…

That feeling you’re having right now—of “not done”—the urge to keep following where your curiosity is leading: you can make it about the adventure, or you can make it about chasing something down.

But isn’t it both?

The magic is lost when you objectify the relationship by making it a means to an end.

Well thanks for clearing that up. How do I not do that?

Make relationship with right now more important than wanting something (later).

Jesus. It’s the whole past/future, attachment to outcome trap again.


So open to right now, to this moment and my relationship with it. That’s Yes. That’s true curiosity.

Yes. Now you’re playing in the realm of magic.

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