Owning Your Energy: Tips for Moving From Agitation to Ease


I recently made a video about being the caretaker of your resonance. It addresses the ways and the whys our energy gets contracted, and how to reconnect with a sense of well-being.

About 5 seconds later, I got hooked by the world not aligning with my agenda for it. You know this place, yes?

It’s one thing to know you’re caught in the energy of struggle, and a whole other deal to stop bucking against it.


Bottom line: Start with a commitment to feel how you want to feel, and then engage your natural curiosity.

If you can be okay with whatever you’re feeling, and trust that your immediate, direct experience is showing you something essential, then following it will always lead you to the insight and wisdom that is trying to get your attention.

PS: The first video— “Choosing Your Energetic State” —lives here.