Choosing Your Energetic State


We’re more in charge of our state than we believe, but first we have to understand why our sense of well-being is constantly shifting and changing.

Then what’s required is a choice to be the caretaker of our energy, no matter what’s messing with it.


Okay, yes—this video suggests it’s as simple as following your commitment to live in an expansive resonance. And it is. What I didn’t address was our sometimes challenging relationship with that commitment.

So of course life delivered up a ‘walk your talk’ challenge pretty much immediately after making this video. (Oh life…)

Got caught up in a situation that tanked my resonance and had me in it’s grip ‘til I remembered my own advice, and then had to figure it out in real time.

If you’re curious about how this works on the fly, here’s a play by play of how I got pulled into a constricting story, untangled the tricky threads of it, and navigated back to peace.