Liz Wiltzen

What if you loved your life?



Does it seem like what you want is out of reach?
Do you keep losing traction on your way to magic?
Do you believe that circumstances are more powerful than you?

Wrong script friend. Let me help you write a new one.
And then watch it transform your world.

Welcome to exactly where you're meant to be.


Most of us are listening to a limiting voice that tells us we can’t create what we really want.

Don’t trust it.

I help you tune into your wise voice—the one that has your back and wants to conspire with you to conjure a life of flow, ease and aliveness.


Working with Liz is like bootcamp for the soul.
— Lisa Weber ~ Entrepreneur. Dog Whisperer. Badass.

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Tracking Yes Blog

When you connect with your true essence,
your light gets to shine.

Dive in here for tips, tools and insights designed to support you in becoming your most radiant self.

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Introductory Session

Want to talk about how we can collaborate to create some magic in your life?

Let’s plant a flag for your brilliance and charm the hell out of what’s in your way.

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What is ‘ Tracking Yes ’ ?

How do you tap into your courage and wisdom when anxiety, doubt, and fear show up?

Tracking Yes is a heart-wide-open search and rescue mission—it’s a quest to reconnect you with your sense of freedom, adventure and joy.


The adventure begins when the hero takes a stand.

What Clients Say


Lara O’Connor
Chef. Truth Seeker. Poet.

Liz has the ability to halt the spin of my thinking, help me untangle the deepest roots of my thoughts, see where my agency is and find my inner knowing.

With every single conversation she restores me to my own sacred, unique power.

This feeling of home, where my own self and my own life feel like a safe place to settle into, creates a radical inner shift that lasts.

Sylvie Pepin
Massage Therapist. Yogi. Dreamer.

We all have in us an intention to be more than we are – a heart’s desire. It might be buried deep inside, but it’s there.

Liz’s ability to reconnect you with this true part of yourself and take you from self-doubt to possibility is beautiful and extremely valuable. 

Coaching has helped me see where I have chosen to stay invisible and small. This is not how my story will continue to be.

Natalie Findlay
Artist. Adventurer. Spiritual Warrior.

Liz was my connection to my light as I went through the darkness.

A gift of her patience and perseverance in believing that I would find my way is this: touching the depth of despair has allowed me to open my wings; a rite of passage in a way. Now I can use my wings to fly.

Liz, you gave me a super power for slaying a shit load of dragons. Thank you.

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