About Liz


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Personal Philosophy

  • Deepening our self-awareness and pursuing a path of spiritual growth might seem like work, but when you bring your whole heart to it it’s a wild adventure that connects you with greater freedom, aliveness and passion.

  • I’m continually growing my skills. I know I can help you make the most significant difference in your life when I’m bringing my best self to the game.

  • The spiritual philosophy I’m most deeply aligned with is Buddhism.

  • I believe in the importance of yoga and meditation to stay strong, flexible, centered and balanced.

  • Lots of time spent outdoors connected to the earth is the best way I know of to nurture my soul.

  • I’m committed to living authentically and calling myself on my shit, it’s a no-fail way to line up with magic.

  • I have my own coach – it’s one of the most valuable investments I make in myself.

I love helping others tap into who they are when they’re most radiant and alive – and then supporting them as they move confidently forward from that place.

We’re not here to struggle, we’re here to shine.


coaching Perspective

  • I believe my clients are highly competent, capable beings.

  • I serve as a source of objectivity, insight, inspiration and accountability.

  • I’m here to help you get clear. And then get magic.

  • Our partnership is primarily aimed at getting you attuned with your innate wisdom, creativity and resourcefulness. From there, you become unstoppable.

My focus is to look curiously with you if it seems you are caught up in old patterns; consistently offer straight up, supportive feedback; and ensure you are always connected with your most powerful vision for your life so that you stay aligned with a truly compelling path forward.


Life Experience

I grew up in a violent home, and for 20 years I dove into alcoholism as a way to shut down the pain and fear that followed me into my adult world. It felt safer to hide than be seen (and be vulnerable to judgment, failure or rejection).

After years of playing small, I came to see that I could survive in the shadows—but I wasn’t free. Choosing “safety” kept reinforcing the belief that there was something to fear.

In a desire to stay under the radar, I was blocking my power, creativity and light.

The trap of self-imposed limitations kept circling back on itself. Eventually I saw that I had become my own prison builder, and the inmate, and the guard whistling and swinging the key. That sobering insight launched me on an adventure that revealed the challenging and empowering truth: circumstances don’t create our world—we do.

Life is for us, and unwaveringly supports us every time we show up for it.

I’ve learned volumes about taking power back from fear and being a fierce stand for my light—and I bring that to helping you clearly see where you’re giving your own power away, and the options you have for claiming it back.

Let’s go on a mission to reconnect you with your sense of joy, aliveness and possibility.

Because the shadows? So not where the magic happens…


Career Experience

Working with bodies:

In my late twenties I pursued a career as a massage therapist and spent 10 years working in this field.

Connecting with people in physical pain put me in touch with the importance of paying attention to our bodies (and selves) when we’re overworked or neglected, slowing down to notice when we’re out of balance, and creating the space required for our effective healing.

Working with hearts and souls:

For 13 summers, I worked as a heli-hiking guide.

The job description was leading people through challenging mountain terrain. The joy was inspiring and supporting them as they moved through their perceived physical and psychological limits, and then celebrating together as they overcame fear and stood on top of high mountain peaks that only hours before had seemed insurmountable.

Working with passion – the art of building a successful career:

For over 20 years, I've had the opportunity to pursue one of my truest loves. Painting has always been woven through whatever else I’m doing, and has evolved into a tremendously fulfilling career as a fine artist.

Building a successful art career was one of the greatest and most rewarding learning experiences of my life. It opened the space to fine-tune my skill as an artist, and continually challenged me to hone the entrepreneurial skills required to grow and sustain a worthy business venture.

Most important is who I have become through tapping into the inner courage needed to keep putting myself out there in pursuit of my dream.

It’s given me a vital life designed by me, the sense of soul connection that comes with living on purpose, and the freedom and full permission to keep following my heart where it leads.

A link to my painting life - Liz Wiltzen Fine Art


Professional Training



CTI Coaching

I received my initial professional coach training through The Coaches Training Institute, which gave me a solid foundation in core coaching tools and approaches. CTI is the world’s leading ICF accredited coach-training program. They have pioneered and contributed to creating the industry standards and ethical guidelines for coaching.

Since successfully completing my training and receiving the professional credentials CPCC and PCC (Professional Certified Coach), I've turned my attention to building a thriving coaching practice, and producing written and video content as a way to connect with like-minded souls who want to create empowered, meaningful lives.


Lucid Living coaching

Over a 2 year period I trained in Lucid Living’s Great Story Coaching and Emotional and Ego Mastery coursework, a journey into the complexity of how we make meaning with our stories, and then create our reality out of them.

Following that I became a leader for their Coach Training program, teaching and supporting coaches learning how to navigate deep emotional and spiritual work with their clients. I also mentor groups of students undertaking the advanced Emotional and Ego Mastery curriculum.

Understanding the ego fear that drives and perpetuates our disempowered stories has given me tools to unlock even the most resistant patterns of limitation in my own and my clients’ lives.


CTI Leadership

In 2013, I completed CTI’s Co-Active Leadership program, a 10 month long retreat based program designed to uncover and navigate the obstacles that inhibit us from showing up as our most creative and powerful selves.

This transformational experience has been hugely beneficial in my own life, as well as giving me awareness to empower my clients at an even deeper level. I stay connected with the essential learning of this program through serving as a mentor for participants currently engaged in the Leadership program.


Mindfulness training

For 5 years I have been engaged in Mindfulness study with a Dharma coach. Through this insightful, ongoing practice I’ve become deeply connected with the methods and enormous benefits of staying present and grounded in my day to day life.

In bringing the wisdom of this practice to the work I do with my clients, I’ve observed the remarkable expansiveness that mindfulness creates in our worlds.


Martha Beck’s Writing Masterclass

In 2017 I took Martha Beck and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Write Into Light program. Over 6 months we did 12 writing projects that were designed to help us write in an authentic, compelling way—learning to place as much attention on our reader as ourselves.

The course culminated in a live retreat with a small group of participants at Martha’s North Star Ranch. We were coached, supported and called forth to brainstorm ideas and write in community as we found our unique voices and messages.

It was life changing, course changing and a fierce invitation to bring my voice more fully into the world.


Byron Katie - the Work

I’ve studied in Byron Katie’s 9 day “School for the Work”, and her 5 day “The No Body Intensive”. Both programs are intensive investigations into the nature of the mind. The first explores limiting thoughts we create from our experiences of trauma and culture, and the second questions our thoughts about identity itself.

Both inquire into the complex world of our stories to better understand how they impact our experience of reality.

This coursework supported me in accessing my inherent wisdom and truth, freed me from a long list of constricting beliefs; and gave me an additional structure to help curious souls do the same.


The Diamond Approach

The Diamond Approach is a process of inquiry into presence itself.

When we follow our knee-jerk response to fix, change or control a challenging experience, we think we’re moving toward comfort and safety. It doesn’t work. Trying to shift what’s happening, both inside and out, fuels and strengthens a distorted perception that leads us toward fear and away from well-being.

I loved this training by A. H. Almaas—it’s an invitation to stay with yourself, get curious and go straight for the discomfort, and it deepened my conviction that going IN to our experience is the portal into our true nature, our expansiveness and our creative power.


Listen to a 5 minute interview from a few years back discussing my coaching approach and some key benefits. Still holds true today.